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Bracciano, Viterbo and Bolsena Tour

Just north of Rome, between gentle hills and an untouched nature, comfortably lay two volcanic lakes, Bracciano and Bolsena.

Olive trees and grapes grown up generously, thanks to the weather mitigated by those water surfaces and to the richness of the volcanic soil. This, toghether with and old husbandry tradiction, gifted us a land full of tastes and history.

Bracciano lake, dominated by the Odescalchi Castle offers a breathtaking belvedere, all around numerous olive oil and cheese producers will offer the chance to dive into old centuries tastes. In this area is still quite spread the stone pressing for olives, for the good of an amazing extravergine oil.

Just north of Bracciano lake, and few south of Bolsena, one stays the enchanting town of Viterbo. Known for being papal residence, the centre of the town is an extraordinary well preserved example of a medieval town.

Once left this atmosphere, driving less than one hour north on leaning roads surrounded by woods suddenly Bolsena lake will reveal itself with its two islands.

Kingdom of the Farnese family, the area is historically known for the quality if its white wines. Around 1100 a.c. Martino, the wine provisioner of the german bishop Defuk, was instructed to select the best wines of italy writing EST! (there is!) on the walls of the producing town. Once in Montefiascone he wrote EST! EST! EST!. The typical wine of the area still brings this name. A blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia Puntinata is immediately recognizable for its pale yellow and its smells of dry fruit and almond.

The north side of the lake is home of a pretty unknow delicacy, the Aleatico di Gradoli. A sweet wine able to rival with Porto. This area is also famous for the farming of international vines like Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

This tour will all be made on secondary roads, so is the ideal tour for who want to spend a day enjoying an authentic slice of central italian countryside.

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