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The Whites Of The Emperor

Felix Campania, the happy Campania, in the ancient roman world, was a place of beauty, leasure and pleasure.
Magnificent cities, amanzing weather and great wines. Qutoed by literates and historicians as Strabone, Macrobio and Orazio, wines from Campania was well known, in the ancient world.
Today many things changed in wine culture, but surprisingly the whites of the emperors are still there.

In a relatively small terroir, not far from Naples and from the Amalfi Coast, two ancient and noble vines keep gifting us astonishing wines.
Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino are two shiny stars of italian enology. Their superior organoleptic features, and almost two millenniums of happy marriage with their terroir are the secrets behind two magnificent whites.

The local producers, conscious of the importance of this precious inheritance, preserved a rigorous farming tradiction, keeping one eye at modern science and innovation and constatly looking for excellence, as their ancestors.
This tour will bring you in an ancient wine place rich of history, aromas and taste.

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