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Driving less than one hour and half from Milan, next to the pleasent Lago d’Iseo, you can find one of the most interesting and dynamic wine production area of Italy.
Franciacorta has a peculiar history. Grape farming has been practiced since ancient times, however the area has never been capable to produce quality wines and conquest a spot in the italian wine tradiction aristocracy.
Then in the 90’s a group of local enlighted enterpreuners decided to invest massive capitals in the area and, following the advices of the best enologists, introduced the Chardonnay.
Chardonnay blanded incredibly well with the already present Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, and che choice to produce classic method sparkling wines setted up the basis for an exponential quality growth.
The territory showed to be extremely vocated for the production of french cut sparkling wines, and in few years Franciacorta emerged as a major player in the italian wine world.

If you are a bubbles lover Franciacorta definetely deserve your attention. Is a perfect expemple of how competence, foresight and knowledge are determinant factors for the production of excellent wines when matched with a great Terroir


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