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The Wine Of The Kings, The King Of The Wines

Barolo is unanimously considered on of the best wines in the world. This reputation is well deserverd and its outstanding quality is shaped by wide number of factors.
First of all its terroir is unique. Langhe are in a perfect geographic position for wine production, nestled in the north west of italian peninsula, between the Alps and the Mediterranean sea. These hills offers a perfect ventilation and a perfect temperaruture range which help to preserve the fine smells this wine offers.

The soil composition is also very important. The region is extremely stratificied under the geological point of view, assembling a “chessboard”, which during history determined a wine culture based on the Crus and oriented to the excellence.
Probably the most relevant factor is the local vine. Nebbiolo is naturally fitted for the production of noble wines. Thanks to its natural balance is possibile to produce wines which age reaching a remarkable complexity and harmony.

During this tour, you will visit the cellars of the best producers of one of the best wines in the world, discovering and tasting wines from legendary Crus and feel the deep binding between a territory, its history and the excellence in wine production.

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