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Cerveteri and Tarquinia Archelogical Wine Tour

Between the ninth and the fifth century BC in the central Italy, a mysterious civilizations developed and flourished.
The history of etruscans has been determinant for the italian peninsula, and their heritage is massive.
Rome itself owes a lot to Etruscans, being grown up as commercial station between them and the greek city states spread in the mediterranean sea.
The set of this tour is the pleasing coast north west of Rome, characterized by pine trees and mediterranean bush, framed by gentle hills in the direction of the backcoutry. Here Etruscan lived and built their cities. Cities for the livings and cities for the deads. The Etruscan’s cerimonial burial is actually the main source of what we know about them. Because of their belevies concerning the afterlife Etruscans used to build solid underground stone tombs, and fill them with the most precious objects belonged to the buried. Moreover, the walls and the ceilings of the tombs where painted with extremely refined frescos.
During the tour we will visit two Etruscan necropolis, La Banditaccia, in Cerveteri, and Tarquinia.
You will be able to descent into 3.000 years of history, and to watch the epic of the Etruscan civilizations through their way to draw the world around them. Over a span of a day you will withness the rise and the fall of this fascinating civilization, from the rich and opulent tombs of Cerveteri to the ones in Tarquinia simplier and more roman looking year by year.
And if it's not enough and you want to go deeper into their extraordinary polished craftmanship, in Tarquinia there is one of the most important Etruscan museum of the world.

But the kingdom of Etruscans is not all necropolis and museums. This coastal spot actually offers some real delicacies like roman artichokes, a very interesting wine tradiction and a rich seafood cousine.
During the tour you will touch with your hands the treasures of this generous land.
So if you love to travel between history, culture and local gastronomy, this tour is made for you!

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