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Latium's Black Gold

Less than one hour driving south-east of Rome we find ourselves in the ancient land of Hernici. Here history deepens its roots much deeper than the foundation of Rome. This green valley, tightened by Ernici Mountains on the east and by Lepini Mountains on the west, seems still blessed by the god Saturnus, which according to te Roman Mythology founded here the first human settlements in the central Italy.

Could be any better spot for a superior quality red wine?
Not indeed, and that’s why when in the lovely city of Anagni - with its pre-roman stone walls, its chatedral, the palace of Pope Bonifacius the VIII and some of the best central italy’s restaurants – your eyes will get lost in a fresco of gently ordered grape plants in any direction.
This valley jealously hide the Latium’s Black Gold: Cesanese!


Cesanese expresses the only DOCG of Lazio Region, with some of most recognized producers at international level. This wine, characterized by an intense rubin red, is famous for the complexity of its aroma, which will graciously offer you smells of pepper, vannilla, liquorice and tobacco, all armonized by a soft but pervasive volcanin feeling.
If the smell is enough to make you dream about ancient times, wait to taste it! Pure power, a massive structure built around a tannicity second to few.
This precious wine glorify the local food tradiction, based around meat sauces, mushrooms and truffles.


In few minutes is possible to reach the thermal town of Fiuggi, and spoil yourself in natural spring water spa. Or if you want a more historical kind of tour visit Alatri with its necropolis, or Arpino with its churches. Or again, some shopping in Valmontone outlet.

This tour is ideal to spend a day off Rome and leave the classic mass tourism itineraries. And of course to drink great wine. A tour for conoisseurs!


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