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A Holy Wine For A Holy City

Catholic Church played a key role in preserving the vine and olives farming during the all the western history.
Oil and wine are part of christian rituals, and where there is an abbey or an important center of spirituality the knowledghe behind their production survived the several tests of time.
Sagrantino is a perfect example of that.

Assisi, with it’s dozens of churches has been an inportant cultural and spiritual center for centuries. So in it’s nearbies olive oil and wine production fluorished, and this heritage sees Sagrantino as a main charachter.
Sagrantino, with its fruity notes and impressive body, fastly grown from local wine to internationally apreciated red, thanks to its predisposition to aging.
The red wine of Franescans has been able to get out of history books up to most prestigious international tastings.

It perfectly matches the local food cultures, made around rich flavours of game, mushrooms and truffles, and thanks to its unique tannicity si also very apreciated as meditation wine.

During this tour you will discover the holy city of Assisi and it’s holy wine, mixing history, art, and nature

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