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The God Of The Sleeping Volcano

Taurasi is an inactive volcano located at the border, between Campania and Basilicata.
This area, far from the tradional turistic paths, is the home of a relatively unknown vine called Aglianico.
Aglianico has been introduced in Italy by the greek colonists, and imemdiately showed to be very fitted to this volcanic terroir.

This vigorous red wine is characterized by a massive structure, a refined tannicity and a complex aromas bouquet.
The typical impressions of cherries, liquorice and red berries make of this majestic red wine an ideal option for the lovers of complex meditation wines.
The local food tradiction grown up around this great wine, developing a very rich range of flavours and specialities.

During this tour you will discover a world of flavours, a great rapresentation of the mixture of genuinity, tradiction and an epicurean research of beauty in taste typical of southern Italy.

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