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In The Land Of Prosecco

When it comes to bubbles Prosecco is one of the firsts names hitting your mind. This light, sparkling white wine is served in the wine bars of all the world to refresh a hot day.
This gentle buquet of white flowers and white fruits is familiar to all the wine lovers, and a distinctive trait of the Martinotti method.
But what about its terroir? The enchanting Valdobbiadene Hills are still out of the mainstream tourism itineraries, despite being one hour driving from Venice.

Whit the Dolomite Mountains on the backround, this prealpine hills offer a very unique landscape characterised by medium/high altitude terraces as far as the eyes can see.
In the valley everything is about wine production, since centuries. This area really binded its culture and life style on wine production. Due to the geography, automation and mechanization are out of discussion here. So the activity of farming grape and producing wine kept a human blend. This led to high level masterly of wine workers, preserving the tradiction of this ancient activity.

The ability of local producers and the generosity of Glera vine allowed prosecco to keep growing in quality and quantity during the time, making it one of the “musts” between italian wines.

This tour is perfect for who wants to have a full enogastronomic experience, discoverying a territory which being located between sea and mountains can offer a wide range of typical products and taste experiences.

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