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The Gifts Of Ephesus

The area around mount Etna is special for many points of view. All around this still active volcano, there is a number of greek and roman ruins, as the gorgeus city of Taormina whith its greek theatre, amazing local products like Bronte’s pistacheous and some of the most unbelievable vineyards of the world.
Few places are such blessied regarding wine production. The high level sun hours per year, typical of Sicily, the nearness of the sea, a rich volcanic soil, and great temperature,range due the altitude. Is actually possible to farm grape up to 1.000 meters in this area.
Etna wines are between the finest and most ancient of Italy thanks to all the already mentioned geographic factor but mostly thanks to two amazing vines, Nerello Mascalese and Carricante.

Etna Rosso and Etna Bianco are both surpising wines, relatively unkonw outside of Italy because of the small dimension of their terroir.
They express a totally unique tipicity, are both predisposed to a glorious aging and can easily reach a perfect balance.
Imagine a wine capable of perfecly match the opulence of southern wines and the elegance of the best high altitude northern wines, all combined with a magnificent volcanic minerality.

Seems we are describing the perfect wine. Don’t you believe us? Let us drive you in this amazing, antique corner of italy to check by yourself.

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