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The Treasures of Umbria

Boasting a marvelous volcanic soil, a southern level of insulation matched with a continental climate which guarantees hot summers and cold winters, Umbria always been an excellence in production of wine and olive oil.
It is like umbrian people always had clear in mind the goal of reaching the excellence through innovation and experimentation.
As 2500 years ago their ancestors introduced in Italy several greek vines, like Grechetto, one of the most importan and apreciated wines in the ancient times, up today they blend international vines, like Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with the iconinc central italian sangiovese. They can be considered pioneers in the introduction of an international way to think wine, and because of that their region is the place to be for whoever has an interest in wine.
They are of course helped by the quality of their food tradiction, which matches very well important and well structured wines. Truffles, mushrooms, wild boar, high quality cheeses are the base of their cooking style that really encourages you to drink more than a couple of glasses.

Nonetheless during the history, because of its opulency, this region has been home of numberous important families which expressed popes, cardinals, and aristocrats.
This is well whitnessed by their art cities, decorated by reinassimental palaces, churches and frescos.


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