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Marsala Fine Wines

The western corner of Sicily is the place where, the sicilian wine tradiction, reach its highest levels.
All the best known producers settled down here.
The area is not far from Palermo and hides amazing villages like Erice and the small town of Marsala. In this area the most important vines are Nero d’Avola and Catarratto.

Nero d’Avola is indeed a surprising wine, characterised by a natural balance and a predisposition to aging. The fruity, balsamic aroma will bring in your nose a slice of mediterranean and the sublime elegant tannicity, will open you a totally new prospective on southern wines.
Beside that, in this area, you will be able to taste world famous sweet wines as Passito di Pantelleria and Marsala.

This tour is optimal for those who want to discover and understand the most authentic Sicilian wine tradiction.

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